Test on the Constitution



Constitutional Test

(Open book test)    (Last Modified 11/11/08)


1.     Do you believe the Bible has a proper role in the formulation of law and policy under our Constitution? Why or why not?


2.     Explain which philosophy of law the Constitution is based upon and contrast a Biblical view of law with a pagan view of law including the implications of each?


3.     Constitutionally, why are all individuals entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities?


4.     Do you believe the Constitution guarantees a right to privacy? If so, where is that right found in the Constitution? Does it include such practices as abortion and sodomy?


5.      Explain how tyranny came to America?


6.     From the American perspective what is the purpose of government?


7.     How has a pagan worldview been introduced into America?


8.     Explain “Deism” and how we know that America was or was not founded on Deistic principles?


9.     Why did the 13 colonies succeed in establishing a system of freedom, stability, justice, and prosperity while others failed?


10. What was the source of the major influence on the Founding Fathers in drafting the Constitution?


11. Explain “Natural Law” and on which theory of law was the Constitution founded?


12. Explain “Natural Rights” and how they limit government authority?


13. Describe “Lawful Plunder.”


14. Is the Declaration of Independence the true preamble to the Constitution and what are at least four of the most fundamental principles of freedom stated in it? Explain.


15. From the Founders’ perspective describe and contrast a “democratic” and “republican” form of government. Which is supported in the Constitution?


16. What is the key to a self-governing nation? Explain.


17. What were the basic values and principles upon which the delegates to the Constitutional convention agreed?


18. Who created the federal government, where does all of its power and authority come from, and why is this understanding important?


19. When the Constitution states that one of its main objectives is to “establish Justice” what does this recognize and what is implied?


20. What power or authority is granted to the federal government in the Preamble of the Constitution or in Article I Section 8 in the “common defense or general welfare” clause?


21. Where may the Constitution extend protection to the unborn or does it?


22. What does the phrase in Article I Section 1 of the Constitution “vested in” denote?


23. According to the American system of government, should “Majority Will” be thwarted at times? If so why?


24. Compare and contrast “General” and “Specific” welfare and which is supported by the Constitution?


25. List the eighteen powers of Congress.


26. Do you believe the Constitution prohibits state governments from acknowledging God and His Law? Explain.


27. Explain the implications for a juror to sit in judgment of the law and fact?


28. What is the Constitutional purpose of the Executive Branch?


29. What is the only Constitutional way for the Federal Government to expand its authority?


30. Explain the “Electoral College” and why it was made a part of our Constitution?


31. Do you believe Article III Section 2 gives Congress the authority to limit the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court? If so, under what circumstances would you vote to invoke that authority?


32. Are treaties inferior or superior to the Constitution? Why?


33. How is the American system of government limited and where is this codified into law in the Constitution?


34. What is the danger of a call for a Constitutional Convention? Explain.


35. What is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed? Why?


36. Why did the Framers originally not include a bill of rights in the Constitution?


37. Do you believe our Constitutional Republic is still workable today? If not, how would you change it?


38. Explain the Framers understanding of the Ninth Amendment.


39. Do you believe the Second Amendment guarantees an individual the unrestricted right to keep and bear arms or should there be limitations? Why or why not?


40. What amendments are there serious doubts about as to their legality? Explain.


41. What does the right to own property denote?


42. Explain why the Tenth Amendment is considered the “Cornerstone of Freedom” according to Constitutional Law Professor Dr. John Eidsmoe.


43. According to the Framers of the Constitution, is law, like truth, unchanging, absolute, and God-ordained? Why or why not?


44. Do you believe our Constitution is a “living document?” If so, what does that mean and upon what philosophy of law is a “living constitution” based?


45. Do you believe the Constitution should be construed according to the plain understanding of the people who wrote and ratified it? Why or why not?


46. Explain “legal positivism.”


47. How did Pastor Simeon Howard in an artillery sermon on June 7, 1773 describe freedom? Today, do you believe this is the type of freedom that government should ensure to its citizens?


48. Explain the free enterprise system and why it is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice.


49. Why is the teaching of evolution the death knell of the American system of government?


50. Do you believe the federal government has all powers except those prohibited by the Constitution, or no powers except those delegated by the Constitution? Why?


I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia to protect and preserve our God given rights according to the best of my ability; so help me God.


Signed this _____day of ____________ in the year of Our Lord.









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