So we will not forget. 2nd Amendment Alert: Police Unlawfully Seize Guns from Americans and Loot Wal Mart After Katrina Catastrophe

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When police act as criminals and no one holds them accountable… old ladies get beaten to the ground and contractors bringing help to flood victims get their property seized—by police:

When the same state’s police (Louisiana) partake in actual looting and are caught on tape by media:

  • What elected office is responsible for overseeing/bringing these crooked cops to justice?
  • Did the cops have any right under the United States Constitution to perform these acts?

5 Responses to “So we will not forget. 2nd Amendment Alert: Police Unlawfully Seize Guns from Americans and Loot Wal Mart After Katrina Catastrophe”

  1. Eric Martin Says:


    Maybe Obama will save us from all this Communist behavior!

    Then again, maybe good Americans have to have ALL their rights ripped away from them before they wake up and vote people in to office to protect their rights instead. Oh wait, once they have their rights stripped, they CAN’T vote for people to protect their rights!

    Maybe YOU READING THIS RIGHT NOW- should get involved in the political process and defend AMERICA from the cancer within!

  2. JudgeRight Says:

    Its good to see grass roots efforts to make real changes in our leadership selection process. I’m here now. Meaning I’m all in. I want the Constitution taught line by line in our public schools. It better be quotable line for line by our leaders.

  3. birgit Says:

    To understand how we got here we must realize how long ago this path was laid out for us.
    We did not get this pathetic overnight.
    Has a free e book by a former aid to the secretary of education under Reagan.
    It is beyond digusting to see how this much ignorance was planned, to bring us a nation of sheeple and politicians who act as if they are royals….

  4. USMarine Says:

    Thank God our rights are unalienable and can’t be taken away. Now is the time to assert those unalienable rights!

  5. Eric Anonymous Says:

    I think that this is an outrage to see our public officers who were sworn in under oath stealing from the very city they seryve to protect. I hope that someone is paying as much attention to this as this party AND its followers are.

    We need an American Patriot in office.

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